Crochet Face Mask

The world is facing a strong enemy, the virus that infected more then one hundred thousand and killed several thousands. God bless their souls. We should stay home and don’t go outside if it is necessary. So this is a best time to give your passion more time.

We would like to share with you an article with the instructions about crocheting the face mask that is presented on the photos. Of course this crochet face mask won’t keep you safe from the virus, but I think that this is a really good crochet project. I am surely going to crochet at least one and save it as a symbol of these very hard days. That is actually what inspired me to make an article about the crochet face mask and share it with you guys.

Share the article with your friends, tell them about your opinion, I hope that most of you will find this article very interesting and inspiring. Stay safe and good luck

Click here to view the instructions

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