Beautiful Flower Accessory

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We have been sharing many different articles about many different crochet projects but I noticed that that the article which were about creating a flower became a very little number so I want to raise the number of flower posts and share with you this beautiful flower accessory and of course the tutorial of it. This is a rose and we have seen many rose article on the internet, if fact we can say that the rose is one of the most popular flower and crochet and knitting lovers enjoy creating them, but this one if completely different from all the other patterns and tutorials and the photos are here to prove it to it, as well as the pattern of this gorgeous flower. The pattern includes the photos which show you steps by step instructions that lead us to the right result. So view the pattern follow the steps that are presented there and when you finish your work share the photos of your done job with us. Enjoy and good luck

View pattern-here

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