Snowflake Blanket

BeFunky Collagea

Free pattern/tutorial is attached to the article to help us learn how to crochet this beautiful and super cute snowflake blanket that is shown on the photos. As you can see there are presented blankets that are crocheted using different colors and all of them are beautiful I think that you can even change the color of the snowflake and it will still look gorgeous, but I have to admit that the red one if my favorite and if I decide and crochet a blanket like this it will be red and white, but that’s just me and my taste, you can crochet it using any color you like. The pattern is tested by many people and most of them did a great job without any problems, but it there are any you can always ask for help and you will get it. I hope that you will enjoy the article and if so share it with your friends too. Enjoy the article and have a joyful time while working on this project. Good luck

View pattern via link below:

Snowflake Blanket

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