Pine Forest Blanket

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Hello once again and welcome to our new article about this beautiful knitted pine forest blanket that you can see on the photos. I think that all of you are going to agree with my opinion that this blanket is really very beautiful and that all the knitting lovers should know how it is knitted. So we are here to help you with that, in this article we want to share a pattern of the blanket, which is tested and is working brilliant. I have not tested it myself but according to the rating and the feedback of it we can say that the people who downloaded it, followed it’s steps and worked using the instructions from this pattern, it will make you pleased and amazed at the same time. There are several versions of this blanket presented on the photos, I mean the colors of the blankets are different but all of them are beautiful so that means that we are given an opportunity to choose the colors we want and not be afraid that it will not be good looking. So that is all I wanted to tell you so far. Enjoy the article follow the steps from the pattern and show it to your friends. Good luck

Click here for pattern

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