Peeking Dog and Cat Butt Coaster

Peeking Dog and Peeking Cat Butt Coasters

Hey there and welcome to today we are going to share with you an article about this super cute coasters that are presented on the photos, we are talking about an article which is dedicated to crocheting peeking dog and cat but coasters just like the ones that are presented on the photos. I have s bumped to this article too many times and I always thought that you, the website visitors are not gonna like it, but I think that this project deserves a chance so I made this little article about the peeking dog and cat butt coasters. There are two link presented in the article one of them leads you to peeking dog butt coaster and other to the peeking cat butt coaster, so you are given an opportunity to crochet both of them at least choose one and follow the instructions that are presented there step by step and when you finish show the result to us. So that’s all enjoy the article and share it with your friends. Good luck

View pattern via link below:

God Coaster     Cat Coaster

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