New Fashion For Men-Crochet Shorts Made From Recycled Vintage Blankets

Today Entertainmentallday presents you Crochet Shorts which are made form recycled vintage blankets, and believe it or not some say that this is new fashion for men.

Our today’s hero is Schuyler Ellers, the owner of the Lord Von Schmitt Etsy shop. Looking at this artists works you realize that crochet is not just for scarves and sweaters anymore. Our article’s hero creates colorful crochet shorts out of recycled materials, which are here to impress not only wearer, but also their stunned beholders (man or woman). In Schuyler’s collection you can find every style, beginning from form fitting booty to extravagant bell bottom pants. Most of these fabulous workd are made of recycled vintage crochet afghans. As Ellers’ shop says “afhgan blankets are original piece of folk art…”. So just take a look at our list of pictures. Enjoy the post…










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