Modern Baby Granny Blanket

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Blanket are one of my favorite thing to work on and today we are going to talk about crocheting this beautiful modern baby granny blanket that is shown on the photos and you all know that the talking is not the only thing that we do when we share article with you, we also give an opportunity to learn how to crochet them and this blanket is here to be created by you, the pattern is created by one of the best instructors that can be found on the internet and I am sure that while working on this project you won’t have any kind of a problem, you will finish it quickly and will be amazed by the result, If you agree with us that the blanket it true masterpiece that you should view the pattern and follow it step by step, also you should share it with your friends that can be interested in such things. Enjoy the article and have a nice day.

View tutorial via link below:

Modern Baby Granny Blanket

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