Knit Fisherman’s Rib Aka Shaker Rib Stitch

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We have decided to continue our series of different knitting stitch article and today want to share with you an article about think very interesting knitting stitch that has two names, it is called a fisherman’s rib or also you can call it a shaker rib stitch, as you want, but calling it different names doesn’t change any point of it. I think that this is a kind of stitch that can be used for every knitting project out there, I want to think of something that can not be made or at least include this stitch but I can’t, if you know anything please tell me. So we have share article like this earlier, articles where you could find the pattern and the video tutorial of this stitch, which will help you learn how it is knitted very easy and very fast, so I think that there are going to be many knitting lovers who will follow the steps from the tutorials. Enjoy the article and share it with your friends and other knitting lovers, tell them about your opinion and impressions and let us know what you think of it too. Good luck

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