Irish Lace Wine Leaf


Hey there, if you have been searching for anything interesting to entertain yourself and spend the day with a good effect than you are in a right place in a right time, because today on you are able to find and article which is about crocheting an Irish lace wine leaf that is shown on the photos. The video tutorial is very easy to follow and it is special different from all the other video tutorials that I have seen so far, this video tutorial is black and white, I think that it is not a bad idea for the projects like this because when I was watching it I calmed down and got into it. So my advise will be to play the video and I am sure that it will make you want crochet a wine leaf like this on your own. So view the whole article and if you like it show it to your friends and other who might like it. Enjoy the article and tell us about your opinion and experience. Good luck

View tutorial via link below:

Irish Lace Wine Leaf

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