How To Knit Short Rows

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Today we are going to talk about short rows. Sometime during a working time when knitting the instructions say to turn your work that seems to be a problem for many of us because we think that there will be holes when we finish working. Also there is an other term that makes knitters nervous it is wrap your stitch. In this article you are going to learn what does it mean, even if your instructions tell you how to wrap the stitch here is a little detail all of us should know and in this article you are going to learn it. You are going to see what the difference are there between wrapping and just picking up stitches, I think that this article should be very interesting for many knitting lovers because with the help of this article and the tutorial that is presented here you are given an opportunity to learn some techniques which will help you to knit your project more easy and with more courage because you will know that when you finish there will not be any holes and such thing that will make you angry. So follow the steps from the tutorial and I think that you are going to like this article because it is very helpful. So enjoy it and share it with your friends. Good Luck

Click here for the tutorial

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