How to Crochet the Toast and Egg Pot Holder/Coaster

Today we are able to learn how to crochet the toast and egg pot holder/coaster that is presented on the photos. Let’s all agree that this pot holder is super cute and guess what, it is not hard to crochet one and you won’t waste much time on crocheting it. All you have to do is grab the yarn hook and a needle, play the video tutorial that is presented in the article and start crocheting, following the steps that are shown in the tutorial very carefully and step by step, trust me if you follow my advise the result will be amazing.

I love crochet projects like this because they don’t take much time or energy, you don’t have to wait until you finish working on the project you have already started , this crochet project can be taken as the lunch break during the big crochet project working time.

So view the tutorial and start crocheting the toast and egg potholder. Share the article with your friends too I’m sure they are going to appreciate it. Enjoy and have a joyful Crafting Time

Click here to view the tutorial

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