How to Crochet Baby Bunny Booties

Hey there, today are look like to share with you an article with a video tutorial about crocheting this super cool and cute baby bunny booties that are shown on the photos. The video tutorials are great and there are three parts of them, one is for crocheting the blue bunny booty other is for crocheting the pink one (as you can see they are slightly different from one another, not only by the color) and the third video tutorial is about crocheting the bunny ears.

I am sure that you are going to get inspired and give it a try, choose the design you like more and video the video tutorial I am sure that you are going to get to the right result without facing any kind of a problem or misunderstanding. You can crochet the booties using other colors too, I think that the yellow yarn will look great on it.

You should share the article with your friends too, I am sure they are going to be really thankful and pleased. Enjoy and have a great day

Click here to the three part video tutorial

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