Garter Ear Flip Hat Pattern

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Well I think that it is time to get back to the article that are about baby hats that can be used by the adults too. You know that we have already presented such article earlier and they became very popular but we didn’t want to make you bored of articles like this one so we decided to take a pause and share with you article which would be totally different from this one. But the time has past and some of you may have missed this kind of posts on our website so here you are, today we are going to talk about a garter ear flip hat just like the on that you can see on the photos. I like the form and the look of the hat, of course besides that techniques and stitches that are used to get the result like this. This hat is pretty popular but we have never made an article about it before so here it is. The pattern is brilliant there will not be any problems with crocheting it from start to end and I hope that you will like this article as much as you did like our previous ones, if not even more. So all the rest is on you, view the pattern and follow the steps. Enjoy the article and good luck with knitting.

Follow The Link Below and View the Free Pattern:

Garter Ear Flip Hat

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