Easy Knitted Kitty

BeFunky Collage

Hello my dear knitting lovers and welcome to our brand new article about this cute easy knitted kitty that you can see on the photos. We have presented an article that is similar to this one but it was about knitting a bunny, this time we are going to talk about kitty. The cats, kitty, are one of the most beloved domestic animals out there, I know that our followers and many knitting lover have cats at home and some of them even have more than one, so this is what inspired us to make this article. I will be honest and tell you that we were doing researches about different thing but when I accidently found this one I interrupted all my searches and starting writing this article, I hope that it will be very useful for you and will get popular with the knitting lovers, please tell me about your opinion and impressions, knowing what my followers think of my article is very important for me. The pattern has very good instructions and there will not be any problems with the working, so follow the steps that are presented there and please show us the result when you finish it. Enjoy and good luck

Free Pattern Here

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