Crochet The Zipper Bag

Crochet the zipper Bag

we have seen many different crochet bag clutches and such thing on the internet, but I think that this one is most interesting because today we want to show you an article where you can find instructions of the crochet zipper bag.  The zipper is the hero of the project the stitches and the techniques are cool too but I love that this bag has a zipper, plus I have never crocheted anything that had zipper so this is my first experience and I am very excited and I am sure that many of you will feel the same. You can crochet the zipper bag the color you want but I am surely going to crochet it in yellow because it’s my favorite color. View the video tutorial and follow it very carefully I think the result will be amazing. Enjoy and have a nice day/.

Click here to show tutorial

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