Crochet Stool Cover

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Hello and welcome to Today we would like to share with you an article about crocheting this beautiful stool cover that is presented on the photos. I absolutely love this project as the creator of the pattern says these are ordinary ikea chair and the cover is design an crocheted by our hero. I love it because it makes chair look more fashionable and can it makes stools look younger plus the cover is a square and we all love crocheting granny squares so this is a chance to try ourselves and see if we have learned anything this far. The instructions are great they are very easy to follow and beautiful photos that are presented in the pattern make us more joyful and working time is not boring because watching the photos you know that you are going to get the same result and your old chair will look great again. So view the instructions and follow the steps that are shown there very carefully. Enjoy and have a nice day

Click here to photos and pattern


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