Crochet Shell Stitch Purse

Crochet a Shell Stitch Purse

I fell in love with the crochet bags, purses and clutches, I always was into crocheting some flowers appliques and such things but now I like projects like this presented on the photos, the purse that we see on the photos i great it is crocheted using a shell stitch and that means that if yo follow the steps from the video tutorial and learn how to crochet a shell stitch purse you are going to get the knowledge of the crochet techniques that will be very useful for you for your upcoming projects,  I think that the yellow color would look great of this shell stitch purse and if I crochet one I am surely going to use a yellow yarn. share the article with your friends and tell them about your opinion and impressions. Good luck

Click here to show tutorial

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