Crochet Pocket Bot/Mini Robot

Crochet pocket bot or crochet mini robot… This is about we are going to talk today. The crochet pocket bot is one of the cutest crochet things that I have seen in my life and I am surely going to crochet it, because That would be a great presented for anybody, I could even leave it for me, I love it so much.

The crochet mini robot is really easy to crochet and it is super interesting to work on, you are going to get the knowledge that will be very useful for your future crochet projects. You have to crochet the parts separately from one each other and then crochet them together. you can see on the photos the part you will have to get.

the video tutorial is great, it includes every single detail you need to know to get to the right result and if you follow the video tutorial step by step you are going to get the result that will amaze you. You can use other colors for different parts but I think that the design that is presented on the photos is the best, but that’s just me and my opinion.

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Click here to view the tutorial

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