Crochet Mermaid Towel: Learn to Crochet the Mermaid Towel Step by Step

Hello and welcome to Today we would like to share with you an article about crocheting this beautiful and super cool mermaid towel that is presented on the photos and to learn how to crochet the mermaid towel like this we will need some kind of an instruction  that will guide us and show us what to do step by step from start to end.

The video tutorial that is presented in this article is great it is very easy to follow the steps that are presented there and the tutorial is created by a professional crocheter so I don’t think that you are going to face any kind of a problem or misunderstanding, Grab the yarn and hook and play the video tutorial and start crocheting I am sure that the working time will be very joyful and the result will be amazing. You can choose the colors you want your crochet mermaid towel be but let’s agree that the colors that are used for creation of the towel that is presented on the photos is gorgeous.

Share the article with your friends too tell them about your impressions and opinion about the crochet mermaid towel I am sure they are going to be very thankful. If you love the crochet mermaid towel project you should check out other crochet tutorials on the youtube channel  Tamara Kelly. Enjoy and have a great crafting time. Good luck

Click here to view the tutorial

Right Handed Tutorial

Left Handed Tutorial

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