Crochet Cutest Baby Bottles-Step by Step

Hello my dear friends and welcome to Today we want to share with you an article about crocheting the baby bottle that you can see on the photos. Crochet projects related to kids and babies are my favorite as I have already told you in the previous article. The baby bottle is easy to crochet and it won’t take much time too, all we have to do is grab the yarn and the hook play the video tutorial and start crocheting. If you follow the instructions step by step you are going to get the result that will amaze you an I am sure that you are not going to stop on crocheting only one baby bottle. As you can see there are two crochet bottles presented on the photos, one it purple and other is blue, on one of them there is heart and on the other there is a butterfly attached. We all know that we are free to choose the color for our crochet projects and also we are free to choose what to attache to the bottle. I think, if I crochet the baby bottle, I am going to crochet it in these two colors and the third one will be yellow, kitty face attached to it. What do you think  about the project. What color are you going to crochet the baby bottle? tell us about your opinion and impressions. Good luck

Click here to view the instructions

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