Crochet Cross, Cross Bookmark

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Today we are going to discuss a project which came to my head while doing a research and thinking about different important things. It doesn’t matter if we believe of don’t believe in god, when we want something really bad or are in a bad situation, we always ask god for help, I am not saying that we only ask god for something when we are having bad times, many of us thank god when something good happens to them, so I decided to make an article that would be close to the things that I told you earlier, so today we are going to talk about crocheting a cross, cross bookmark. I think that this kind of bookmark will be brilliant for a bible, so you mark the page that you have stopped on with this cross. I am pretty sure that many of you will like this article and please share it with your friends and other people who might be interested in such thing. Enjoy the article and tell us about your opinion and impressions. You are going to find the video tutorial of the orange-white cross, and the patterns of the pink and white crosses and as a bonus you are going to see one more pattern about double colored cross. Good lcuk

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