Crochet Butterfly Stitch

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Hello there my dear friends and welcome to our website which is about everything that entertains and interests you and this article is for the crochet lovers who are visiting our blog very often and we get a great feedback from them, so we try even more hard to make some good researches to share with them later. Today we are going to talk about crocheting a butterfly stitch that is presented on the photos. Many of you think that this are just little simple butterflies crocheted and put on another crochet thing a blanket for example but I assure you that you are wrong this whole thing a one big projects. This butterflies are part of the stitch, we have seen many different crochet stitches some of chem included waves some flower and this is the same but with the butterflies, The butterflies and flower are one of the most beloved crochet thing by the crochet lovers, but for now we are trying to use more butterflies than the flowers. So here it is a butterfly stitch which will help you make better and more beautiful projects. Enjoy an article and show it to your friends. Good luck

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Crochet Butterfly Stitch

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