Crochet a Girl’s Bolero

Crochet Girl's Bolero

hello and welcome to today we would like to talk about crocheting this beautiful girl’s bolero that is presented on the photos and to learn how to crochet a bolero like this we will need someone who could explain the steps that we should follow so we found a video tutorial that will guide you step by step and will help you create a beauty like this on your own, I love this bolero because it is crocheted by using many different and very interesting crochet techniques that can be very useful for future projects too so I think that besides the fact that you are going to get the beautiful bolero if you follow the tutorial, you are going to get the knowledge that will be very helpful for the future. So view the tutorial and follow the steps that are shown there very carefully, the video contains a written pattern and even graphs so I think that working on the bolero should not be hard for any of us, Enjoy and good luck

Click here to view the tutorial

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