Cloud 9 and Chucky Brick Slippers


So here we are again sharing an article about crochet slippers with you my dear friends and our website visitors, Today we want to talk about crocheting this gorgeous slippers that are presented on the photos. The Cloud 9 and Chucky Brick Slippers. For both of them I have attached the video tutorial so you can learn how to crochet them very easily there is a link that leads to the pattern of the slippers too, so I think and hope that everybody stays happy and without any misunderstanding with this article. I an surely going to crochet these slippers and my advise will be to do the same, when I imagine how cozy and comfy it is to wear these slippers I can not stand the thought that it depends on me whether I will have them or not. So view the instructions and start crocheting I guarantee that the working time will be very joyful. Share the article with your friends and tell them about your impressions opinion and experience. Good luck

View instructions via link below:

Cloud 9 and Chucky Brick Slippers

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