Cherry Blossom Blanket


I was simply amazed when i saw this project, I was thinking to myself that it would be very difficult to create such thing  but I could not help myself and so I started doing a research about this project. Welcome to and today we want to share with you an article about crocheting Cherry Blossom Blanket that you can see on the photos. As I have already mentioned I thought that it would be very difficult to crochet the blanket like this but when I found the instructions I changed my mind, the tutorial/instructions include several video each of the videos include instructions of each part of the blanket, for example one video tutorial is about the flowers second is about the stitch and etc. So I think that you won’t have any difficulties while working on this project, so view the tutorials and follow them step by step. Enjoy and good luck

View Tutorials via link below:

Cherry Blossom Blanket

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