Celtic Cable Neckwarmer

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Today we decided to share something that most of you might think is useful for only the cold weathers but if you think another time you will understand that you are not right. today we are going to talk about the knitted Celtic cable neckwarmer that you can see on the photos. Yes it would be more useful if it was cold outside most of the time, but let’s agree sometimes the weather is playing jokes on us and even in the summer it gets cold, this neckwarmer can be used with the summer clothes too, for example with the shirt or something like that. also if you get cold or something else this thing will be very useful, so I think that you should have at least one of them at home, also the fact that this one is really cool and beautiful makes me think more serious about knitting it, so my advise will be to do the same, think about it and here in this article we have shared a pattern which can be downloaded so that means that you can same it for the later too. But for now enjoy the article and share it with your friends. Good luck

Follow The Link Below For The Free Pattern:

Celtic Cable Neckwarmer

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