Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket

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Today Entertainemntallday presents you an article with a pattern which is free  of course about this beautiful blanket that is presented on the photos and it’s called a Blackberry Salad Striped baby Blanket. Just take a look at it and now imagine how fluffy and soft it is and the best thing about this project is, no matter how you imagine that this blanket is very hard to crochet you are wrong, it is very easy and with the help of our article it will become even more easy. On the photos you can see the blanket crocheted using different colors by personal favorite it the one that is on the right and in the left corner, What about you? Of course I am not trying to say that these two are the best ones it is just the matter of taste and everybody have their own, so that means that you are free to choose the colors and crochet this beautiful blanket using the color that mostly fit your taste. I think that this is a must do project, one more good thing is that the pattern can be downloaded so if you don’t have any time or you are doing another project than you can save it for the later. Enjoy the article and let your friends see it too by sharing the article with them. Enjoy and best of luck

Follow The Link below For The Pattern:

Blackberry Salad Stripes Blanket

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