Black Cat Slouch Hat


We love animals and cats are one of the most popular and beloved species of all. Welcome to and today we want to show you an article about this cute black cat slouch hat that you can see on the photos. It is almost winter and so that means that its getting more and more colder every day, that means that hats are more and more handy and useful. I think that this kind of hats can be used not only in winter but it can be very useful for other seasons too. So I want to say that if you follow the steps that are presented in the instructions in the end you are going to get a hat that will be there for you for a whole year. I think that it is a great project and I am surely going to crochet one for myself. If you think the same view the tutorial and start working on the project, trust me the result will amaze you. Enjoy the article and good luck

View instructions via link below:

Black Cat Slouch Hat

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