Beautiful Slipper Boots

Crochet Beautiful Slipper Boots

One more very interesting article on and I think that today is going to be very special day because of this project that I am about to share with you. Today I want to show you an article about crocheting this beautiful slipper boots that are presented on the photos. I think that this slipper boots are one of the most beautiful and fashionable footwear that you can create on your own. Unfortunately the pattern is payble and is not free but I think that it is worthy to pay this little amount of money and learn how to crochet boots like this on your own, because after you learn it and purchase the pattern you can create as many boots as you wish. So view the tutorial and if you like it purchase it, trust me you won;t be dissapointed in the end. Enjoy the article and share it with your friends too. Good luck

View instructions via link below:

Beautiful Slipper Booties

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