Beautiful Leaf Hat

Leaves Hat Beanie

Instructions for this hat are presented int his article, the video tutorial that is attached to it will help us learn how to create a hat like this on our own very fast and very easy. At first sight you might think that it is really hard to crochet but trust me when you play the video tutorial you will understand that you were wrong all the rime. I like the pink one and I am probably going to crochet it, the white is good too it is just my opinion and taste, I can’t even think of a color that will not fir this project Just imagine how beautiful it will be crocheted in black. Maybe I should make another one because I like the idea of black leaf hat very much. If you agree with me and think that this hat is truly gorgeous and beautiful than view the video tutorial and follow the steps that are presented there. Share the article with your friends. Enjoy and good luck

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