Beautiful Earflap Hat with Heart


I know that it has been a while that we are sharing an article about crochet hats and maybe some of you are tires of them, but you all know that if you don’t  like the exact article you can always search for another article, which will be more interesting for you. So let’s get back to this exact project. I love it a lot and I think that most of our viewers and visitors are going to like it too. This hat includes heart details which are not small so we can say that this project has a bonus project. I would love to see the hats that would be crocheted by you. So if you decide to start working on this project, view the pattern and follow the steps that are presented there and when you finish post the photos of your finished job on our Facebook page. Enjoy and good luck

View pattern via link below:

Earflap Hat With Heart

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