Baby Kimono Shoes/Booties

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Let’s all agree that these are one of the most beautiful baby booties that we have ever shared with you on our website. They are called baby kimono shoes/booties and it’s not hard to guess why. I know that most of you will want to learn how to crochet them, unfortunately I could not find free written instructions or pattern, but I have found a video tutorial that will help us to learn how to crochet a baby booties similar to this one, also you are given an opportunity to purchase a pattern and the price is really low for this kind of beauty, plus we should remember that we pay only once and after that we can create as many baby kimono booties as we want. I will continue my research and if I find free pattern I will imediately share it with you guys but for now view the instructions and follow them step by step, trust me you will be amazed by the result. Enjoy and good luck

View tutorial via link below:

Baby Kimono shoes/booties

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