Ana and Elsa Crochet Hats


I think that there is no person on the planet who doesn’t know by whom these hats are inspired. Of course this are the hats of Ana and Elsa our favorite animated movie, Frozen, characters. This two princesses are one of the most popular characters of today’s generation and I think that if you have a little girl around you, daughter grand daughter and relative than this hats or at least one of them will be a greatest gift that you can give to her, I think that boys are going to love it too. We have all agreed a long time ago that gifts are great but when they are created by us them become more loved and respected. So view the pattern of the hats, there is written every single detail of this project and follow it step by step. Enjoy the article and good luck

Follow the link for the pattern:

Ana and Elsa Crochet Hats

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