Add an Off-Shoulder Ruffle to a T-Shirt


Hello and welcome to our website that is always waiting for you to share some interesting and entertaining article with you. Today we are going to talk about about adding an off-shoulder ruffle to a t-shirt. I think that this article might be very useful for many of us, you may think that this article would be more handy in summer or on a warmer seasons but you are wrong, think one more time and you will know what I mean. There is tutorial attached to the article that will help you to learn this techniques. IF you like the article please share it with your friends and others who might be interesting is such thing too. Instructions are very easy to follow and they are not big sized so that means that it is very easy to add an off shoulder ruffle to a t-shirt. Enjoy the article and have a  nice evening. Good luck

View tutorial via link below:

Off-Shoulder To a T-Shirt

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